WEBINAR: Predictive Maintenance for critical assets (bed boiler example case study)
3 May 2021

WEBINAR: Predictive Maintenance for critical assets (bed boiler example case study)

predictive maintenance for critical assets

Predictive maintenance enables enterprises to identify potential problems in production equipment long before a failure occurs. The PdM strategy applies to a wide range of industries, in a variety of process-relevant installations and machines. PdM solutions are successfully implemented on industrial furnaces, turbines, reactors, tanks, compressors, chillers, evaporators and many others. 

Predictive maintenance for critical assets

Thanks to the wide range of technologies used, we are able to create a diagnostic model for almost any device – on industrial furnaces, boilers, turbines, reactors, tanks, compressors or chillers – taking into account their technology and business needs.

Date: May 27, 2021 Time: 12.00 PM CET, Duration: 30 minutes

Join the webinar and find out:

  • how predictive analytics responds to the challenges faced by people responsible for production processes
  • what problems occurring in installations and specific machines are solved by using predictive analytics (on the example of a fluidized bed boiler) 
  • how the RSIMS platform works and how the predictive maintenance solution works well for both large and smaller installations

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