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ReliaSol Intelligent Maintenance System

RSIMS Platform

Harness the potential of data generated by machines to face the challenges of the future. 

  • Assessment of the current technical condition and prediction of failures 
  • Identification of the causes of failures in real-time 
  • Analysis and evaluation of possible correction scenarios
  • Optimization of the operation and maintenance process 
Reduction of maintenance costs
Reduction of failures
Increase of production profitability


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We keep our finger on the pulse of digital transformation, the latest trends, inspirations, technological information. Experts from ReliaSol share their knowledge and experience

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ReliaSol among the promising investments of the PGNiG Group

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We keep our finger on the pulse of digital transformation, the latest trends, inspirations, technological information. Experts from ReliaSol share their knowledge and experience
preventing unwanted failures

PGNiG Group & Tangent Line invest in ReliaSol

The investment follows a successful project of ReliaSol at PGNiG Termika for predictive and analytical models for a new gas boiler. The implemented solution as part of a pilot enabled the de ...
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AI-based solutions for predictive and prescriptive maintenance

At ReliaSol we provide AI-based solutions for predictive and prescriptive maintenance. Our RSIMS platform and RSIMS Apps allow companies to maximize their profitability by avoiding unpredicted events and optimizing their processes and maintenance.

AI in the Industry? How does that work?

Your machinery produces data all the time. About temperature, vibrations, pressure etc. In many companies this data goes to waste, in some it’s hand-noted by the maintenance teams and in some… it becomes the basis of AI-driven maintenance.

What does that mean?

We use deep learning algorithms to process all the data that you gather with your sensors. If you don’t gather machinery data now, see how you could start benefiting from it.

AI-based technology can learn on its own, e.g. how the machinery should work, what the symptoms are of an upcoming failure, what parameters are alarming or how processes could be optimized. After a little while of gathering data… you may count on your AI-expert in the maintenance team! With our holistic and industry-leading platform for Predictive Maintenance, RSIMS, we help you bring your business to a brand-new level. And the RSIMS Apps allow an easy and accessible start with PdM, without the need for any historical data!

What is Predictive Maintenance (PdM)?

In a nutshell? Predictive Maintenance means predicting failures and anomalies before they occur. Our algorithms process huge amounts of data to detect a possible anomaly long before that’s possible for human calculation or observation. You’ll get a notification by SMS, e-mail or a call when RSIMS detects a potentially dangerous situation. And with RSIMS you have it all under control, as you have time to react ahead! That means you can schedule the repair, and you can order extra parts for your machinery without the usual stress and, sometimes, chaos. You can find more details in the root-cause-analysis and in automatically generated reports. What’s more? Our AI-based platform is getting better and more accurate with every package of new data, so… you get a tool that’s improved every day!

How can my company benefit from using the RSIMS platform and RSIMS Apps?

Monitoring, predicting and prescribing – it all sounds technical. But there’s plenty you can gain for your entire organization. First of all – less failures and downtime means increased productivity and efficiency. Secondly, the savings our clients observe thanks to reduced maintenance costs? Let the results speak for itself: typical ROI is months or even weeks.

Also, more time for reaction means you and your teams can finally work with less pressure and can focus on improving your production while having it all under control. Less stress, less over hours and generally better working conditions – we know it does good for our clients.

Not sure what kind of tool suits your needs best? Schedule a free meeting with our experts and find out!

Thanks to ReliaSol’s AI engine, PdM & PRx implementation has become easier than ever before! Our RSIMS Platform provides the most accurate results in the shortest time and the RSIMS Apps allow you to take your first steps in predictive maintenance, without an implementation project or need for historical data.

Benefits of implementing predictive and prescriptive maintenance

We already helped companies in industries such as oil & gas, energy, chemical & petrochemical, food & beverage, mining, logistics, manufacturing and automotive. Thanks to ReliaSol’s deep learning algorithms combined with our domain knowledge, we help them to:


Our customers note an overall maintenance cost reduction of 30%! Add to this a return on investment of months and not years and see how your business can benefit from predictive and prescriptive maintenance!


Let engineers take care of the tasks that need their skills. Our predictive and prescriptive maintenance solutions will make sure your machinery works as it should! This will: lower your inventory costs, reduce maintenance planning time, and in the end…? Give you up to 25% increased productivity!


ReliaSol’s prescriptive and predictive maintenance solutions help our customers to optimize their processes and provide full insight of when their equipment is due for maintenance or an upgrade.


Keep your production as planned - without unpredicted events and up to 20% higher uptime! Take your production processes to the next level with our industry-leading tools for prescriptive and predictive maintenance.


ReliaSol’s solutions allow our clients to reduce their energy consumption, extend machine lifetime and minimize production pollution.

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