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Advanced Industrial Analytics for Process Manufacturing

RSIMS Solutions

ReliaSol delivers digital products for production maintenance that utilize proprietary AI and ML algorithms. We provide software and services that accelerate digital transformation. Applications we develop combine real data from machines, sensors, event reports and automate the drawing of conclusions. The result of our tools' work is data visualization, prediction of events and monitoring of the optimal range of machines' operation, including entire production lines.

These products reduce the risk of failures associated with Industry 4.0 implementation, and allow the rapid and effective building of analytical models that predict adverse events and recommend actions to increase efficiency, resulting in time savings and improved performance in production.

How it works?

RSIMS Modules are standalone solutions, with tools that enable fast and efficient PdM deployment creating an RSIMS platform.
RSIMS Modules provide insight into key signals by interfacing with a wide range of platforms and protocols.

zdjęcie zdjęcie

Data sources

Equipment analysis

Selection of useful data sources for the project. Key data sources involve machine sensor data, historical maintenance records (historical data is not required).

of a basic alarm system

Construction of an automatic online data acquisition system. This system integrates with machine sensors, collecting real-time performance data, and facilitates continuous monitoring.


data analysis

Anomaly detection, event labelling, error filtering, generating comprehensive reports on detected alarms. Automatic analysis allows you to quickly identify potential problems, categorize events, filter errors and provide detailed reports for your proactive maintenance strategy.

Identification of patterns

Detection, diagnostic & prognostics

Changes in the culture of the organization. Develop and implement procedures for responding to alarms reported by the system. Implementation of procedures enabling quick response to alarms signaled by the system. Building a culture of proactive response.

Predicting adverse

In-depth data analysis, recommendations for process optimization. The goal is to improve operational efficiency and eliminate problems.


The system on a local network or in the RS cloud


Low costs in the beginning

Flexibility of adjusting number of monitored machines

On/off mechanism

Purely OPEX type of investment

Lower investment risk

No or small costs related to system maintenanace


Lifetime license

APEX type of investment

May require model recalibration

Higher investment risk

Additional costs related to system updates, upgrades, maintenance (separate maintenance agreement)

The system on a local network or in the RS cloud

What does the RSIMS service offer?

Collaboration products

Support at every stage of Industry 4.0

Monitoring of machines in the plant through a mobile tool

Conducting analysis of environmental data affecting downtime

Define and describe the data and improve its quality

Predefined filters for data analysis

Regular notifications of exit events from the operating point of the equipment

Analysis reports on alarms and system performance - maintenance service.

Prediction of repair time - is the plan rolling, where you are

Rapid application deployment to explore value from data

Control of the efficiency of the machinery park at the plant

Update review procedures and maintenance plan

Integration with ERP, EAM, CMMS systems

Get started on your predictive maintenace journey
Get started on your predictive maintenace journey
Chat with one of our experts who will work with you to understand your current maintenance approach, start a process of goal discovery with an explanation of potential next steps, and give you a detailed overview of the Predictive Maintenance approach.
"We see the need to implement artificial intelligence-based solutions in the industry. Cooperation with qualified RS staff is effective in solving our clients' problems"
Data analysis specialists
"The PdM solution prepared for Tauron is able to predict up to 100% of failures of devices monitored by the system within a time horizon of 3-17 hours. It is a faster and more accurate insight into the operation of machines than any other monitoring system"
100% failure prediction
"Partnership with ReliaSol is the key to our customers' success. Together with RS, we enable them to monitor the condition of machines and control the processes taking place in the enterprise."
The key to customer success
"...The results of water demand forecasting were characterized by high accuracy. The system has great potential for predicting water demand and can be used as a tool for planning and supporting business decisions."
High accuracy
"The nature of the cooperation between RS and GA assumed the implementation of increasingly complex projects. Particularly important was the production implementation of an innovative PdM system using AI, which predicts an upcoming failure with an accuracy of 98+%. The system is used every day by machine operators."
System with an accuracy of 98+%.
"Cooperation with Reliability Solutions has always been smooth and the services offered have been of high quality"
High quality services