Qualified staff, knowledge of the industry, passion and commitment
ensure effectiveness in solving problems experienced by the customers!

A factory without unforeseen events and breakdowns

Acting as a spin-off company of the AGH University of Science and Technology (AGH), and basing our structure on an effective research and development department, we successfully introduce innovative solutions for data analysis based on artificial intelligence. Predictive maintenance is the future of modern industry - we are building it today at ReliaSol!

ReliaSol in media

We are strongly present in the media, where we demonstrate our innovative approach to predictive maintenance, share the latest achievements and support companies in achieving the status of a leader in their industry.

Scientists, programmers, enthusiasts of the latest technologies
– that’s what ReliaSol is all about!

Management Team

Régis Cazenave

Chief Executive Officer

International executive with a successful track record of new business development, operations scale up and geographical expansion of blue chip companies across the globe (Europe, Asia-Pacific, North-Africa, South-America, Middle-East).

Mateusz Marzec

Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Founder, Management Board Member. and Chief Strategy Officer. He is a high-level expert in Predictive Maintenance and Assets Management. Ph.D. candidate at AGH-UST in Krakow. In his research, he focuses on applying AI for industrial operational excellence.

Piotr Lipnicki

Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for the development of technology in RS and market evangelization in the implementation of the concept of Industry 4.0.

Daniel Ładno

Head of Sales & Marketing

Responsible for the sales and marketing department, business development and matching the product to market needs.

Dariusz Broda

Head of Delivery

Implementation specialist, project manager. Responsible for the effective implementation of RS systems.