EU Projects

Project: Development of a platform for the automated creation of prescription systems optimizing maintenance activities in production management processes

The goal of the project is to develop a platform for the automated creation of prescriptive maintenance systems (PsM) to optimize decisions (made at every level of the production plant) in order to minimize the operating costs of the machine park and maximize profits from production.

The platform will allow for the automated implementation of prescription solutions (PsM) by a person without programming experience or knowledge in the field of machine learning. The result of the Project will make it possible to formulate recommendations for business decisions based on large amounts of data from various sources, in close to real time. The product will respond to market demand – effective and reliable tools supporting the maintenance process of industrial plants. In particular, the platform will be dedicated to entities with a high degree of automation, including from the following industries: chemical, petrochemical, food, energy.

Realization: Reliability Solutions sp. z o.o .; Competition 1 / 1.1.1 / 2021 – Fast track; start on 01/01/2022, end on 02/28/2024; value 2 853 281.83PLN; co-financing 1 711 969 10PLN

Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020

Project: "The Eye" Deep learning in terms of a distributed system of energy-efficient portable devices for the optimization of the machine operation process

One of the basic problems of enterprises is an ineffective strategy for maintaining the technical machinery park, which may lead to frequent breakdowns and unplanned downtime, and, consequently, to large financial losses. So it is obvious that there is a great need to solve this problem. The subject of the project is a worldwide innovative solution in the form of a distributed system of autonomous Predictive Maintenance devices – DPdMD. The operation of DPdMD will be based, among others, on innovative methods of machine learning. As part of the R&D works planned in the project, analytical techniques using Deep Learning methods will be developed for PdM issues, which will be an innovation on a global scale.

Realization: Reliability Solutions sp. Z o.o .; Competition number: 1 / 1.1.1 / 2016; start 2016-12-01, end 2018-11-30; currently the project is in the maintenance phase; value 2,724,787.28; co-financing 1 895 537.14

Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020