Register for ReliaSol technology webinars!
25 October 2021

Register for ReliaSol technology webinars!

Attend our Live Webinars and learn all about how the latest AI-based technologies optimise your industrial processes, increase uptime and reduce your maintenance costs

Reasons to attend ReliaSol technology webinars

  • Stay on top of current trends in your industry 
  • Learn from specialists with extensive domain expertise how AI-based technologies can be implemented in industrial applications
  • Unique combination of theory with practice – ensuring useable takeaways for all attendees

Don’t miss out on your chance to attend this series of webinars, covering a wide range of topics and register below.

Upcoming webinars:

Title: 6 reasons why you should consider predictive maintenance
Date and hour: Tuesday, November 9 2021; 12.00 CET
Duration:  30 minutes

ReliaSol technology webinars

Title: Predictive maintenance for critical assets (fluidized bed boiler example case study)
Date and hour: Thursday, May 27 2020; 12.00 CET
Duration:  30 minutes

Technology webinars

Title: Prescriptive Maintenance – another step on digital transformation path
Date and hour: Thursday, June 24, 2020; 12.00 CET
Duration:  30 minutes

Technology webinars ReliaSol
Register for ReliaSol technology webinars
Attend our ReliaSol technology webinars

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