Announcement – New CEO of ReliaSol
3 June 2020

Announcement – New CEO of ReliaSol

We are pleased to introduce Régis Cazenave as the new Chief Executive Officer of ReliaSol. The current CEO, Mateusz Marzec, has been appointed to the position of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

In welcoming Régis to the ReliaSol, Mateusz Marzec said: „-It is a great pleasure to introduce Régis Cazenave – the new ReliaSol Chief Executive Officer. After 6 years of my leadership, together with my teammates, we have achieved extraordinary results. Now it is time to bring ReliaSol to a new level and become a global leader in Predictive Maintenance. When I met Régis I immediately felt that his spirit, intelligence, and experience would be a game changer for our team. I am also happy to inform everyone that I will fully focus on the strategic development of the company as  Chief Strategy Officer and Management Board Member. I am excited about the new role and cannot wait to see what the future holds. ”

Régis Cazenave, new ReliaSol CEO, is an international executive with a successful track record including new business development, operation scale up and geographical expansion of blue chip companies across the globe (Europe, Asia-Pacific, North Africa, South America, Middle East).  Régis is an experienced business leader who brings a great mix of leadership, inspiration, operational experience, and passion for technology and customers interest to ReliaSol.  Régis started his duties on June 1, 2020.

Simultaneously, with the appointment of the new CEO, the company decided to change the current brand name – Reliability Solutions was replaced with the abbreviated and amended ReliaSol. The appropriate modifications were introduced in the scope of the logo of the company. The changes were mainly made due to the unification of nomenclature and facilitation of the company’s communication. The name Reliability Solutions will only function in the area of legal and accounting matters.

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