SYMAS Expo in Krakow
17 August 2022

SYMAS Expo in Krakow

Let’s meet at the 13th edition of SYMAS in Krakow! The fair covers a wide spectrum of topics related to the optimization of production processes. We invite all the industry representatives interested in preventing unplanned downtime and improving plant production efficiency.

Join us for Wojtek’s presentation and find out more about:

  • How does AI work? 
  • The latest achievements in the AI
  • AI for the Industry: examples of usage

Also, have you heard about the Autumn School of Maintenance? It’s a very practical workshop on best engineering practices. Join Dariusz Broda there to learn about:

Machine learning in diagnostic systems implementations – a case study from the heating industry..

  • How to combine expert knowledge with machine learning systems.
  • How to choose the optimal machine learning method for the type of installation.
  • Supervised versus unsupervised learning – advantages and disadvantages of both approaches.

Machine learning in the implementation of diagnostic systems – a case study in the heating industry.

SYMAS consists of two main panels of the event, in which we are sure you will find answers on how to optimize your processes!

As the organizer says: “13. The International Trade Fair for Processing, Storage and Transport of Bulk and Bulk Materials – SYMAS® is a meeting that comprehensively presents technologies related to processing, reloading, transport, storage, sorting, filtering, separation, grinding and packaging of loose and bulk materials. Due to the wide application of these technologies, the fair is visited by representatives of almost every industry branch every year. “

The second part of the fair is “13. The International Fair of Maintenance, Planning and Optimization of Production MAINTENANCE, on the other hand, is the only fair event in Poland aimed at presenting in a comprehensive manner technologies and methods to prevent unplanned downtime and improve the efficiency of production of industrial plants. The MAINTENANCE fair is visited by specialists from all industries, especially from: metallurgical, chemical, food, automotive, mining, electromechanical. “


See you there!

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Predictive maintenance is the future of modern industry, and we are building it today at ReliaSol! Check out our solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).
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