RS on GTC in San Jose
30 March 2017

RS on GTC in San Jose

The GPU Technology Conference will take place from 8th May to the 11th May 2017 in San Jose, California. ReliaSol is among a few start-ups chosen by NVIDIA in the NVIDIA Inception program to take part in this event on which we will present our Predictive Maintenance solutions based on Deep Learning and NVIDIA GPU in the booth.

Cooperation with NVIDIA enables us to achieve unprecedented accuracy and efficiency of prediction of machine failures. The results will be covered in talk entitled “Deep Learning for Predictive Maintenance”. The conference attracts representatives of enterprises that apply technological solutions using graphic cards, investors, and media.

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Predictive maintenance is the future of modern industry, and we are building it today at ReliaSol! Check out our solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI).
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