ReliaSol on #NVIDIAInception (October 5-9, 2020)

INNOVATION NEVER SLEEPS. Watch Piotr Lipnicki's presentation: Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics for Production Efficiency, during #NVIDIAInception
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benefits for companies from the implementation of predictive and prescriptive maintenance

Regis Cezanave, CEO of ReliaSol in an interview for i-Tanks

What we do, why our solution contributes to the optimization of processes in enterprises, what convinces customers to our solution - watch an interview with Regis Cazenave, RS CEO.
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New faces on board! Let’s welcome Mark, Diego, Berend and Samir!

We develop modern technologies, we change the face of the industry, we are responsible for the success of our clients and... we expand our team! Our international team is growing rapidly!
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ReliaSol cooperation with Object 3

ReliaSol establishes cooperation with Object 3

ReliaSol has gained a business partner specializing in programming industrial robots, PLCs and utility tools, as well as creating applications for robots.
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Let’s meet on Unhide The Champions X Industrial Software!

On September 3rd and 4th, innovative young software enterprises from all over Europe meet the German Industrial Industry to explore synergies for innovation in various sectors. Join us!
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Announcement – New CEO of ReliaSol

We are pleased to introduce Régis Cazenave as the Chief Executive Officer of ReliaSol. The current CEO, Mateusz Marzec, was appointed to the position of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)
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